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Liqui Pneus and its subsidiaries are registered trademarks and are owned by its directors. Any use of their brand images, logos, photos of the companies, personnel, or directors, their websites, and all their promotional and/or commercial products for the purpose of damaging their reputation, using them for commercial, criminal purposes, or in any other way that could harm Liqui Pneus and/or its subsidiaries and their profitability is strictly prohibited and will be severely punished by criminal and/or civil proceedings, as well as complaints to the relevant authorities. Any modifications to their website, tools, and commercial messages, proposals, or others are strictly prohibited, unless there is written consent from the directors to do so. Liqui Pneus and its subsidiaries will not tolerate any violation of this policy or any other.

Legal proceedings

The company will take legal action against any individual or company that has filed lawsuits against Liqui Pneus and/or its subsidiaries in court for illegitimate reasons and/or has lost their case before the judge. Any unfavorable judgment against Liqui Pneus and/or its subsidiaries rendered by a court and deemed unjust by the company will be appealed.

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