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4 Tips For Buying Tires Online

Buying tires is one of those activities that we often forget about, mainly because it is a vehicle component that does not require continuous replacement. Although tires should be checked periodically for safety reasons, when the time comes to replace them, the commitment of choosing the right type of tire can be overwhelming.

Although tires should be serviced periodically for safety reasons, when it comes time to replace them, the commitment of choosing the right type of tire can be overwhelming.

When you have the necessary expertise, know the regulations of the relevant institutions and, of course, keep track of your vehicle’s needs, this activity probably does not worry you too much. However, when the opposite happens, the ideal is to ask for the assistance of a team of professionals.

Buying tires in Canada to replace old parts is an activity that transcends the limits of appreciation. Keeping your vehicle’s tires in good condition is also a sign of responsibility in terms of road safety, making the most of your car’s benefits and gaining driving comfort.

Therefore, each local government has its own regulations in this regard, which must be followed to the letter.

How do I know which tires to buy?

The traditional way to buy new or used tires is to go to a showroom. You’ll likely find hundreds of styles and brands here, each with a set of features and benefits that may confuse you at first. However, however you go about it, to make a convenient and effective purchase, you must first ask yourself what your needs are and, from there, establish the parameters of the purchase. Some of the guiding questions you can use for this purpose are:

  • What are my needs and what type of tires do I need based on that?
  • What is my budget?
  • Is it better to buy 4 tires at once?
  • Which is better, buying used tires or new tyres?
  • What is the ideal tire size for my vehicle?
  • What type of tire should I use depending on the season?

The above can help you establish a priority list that will simplify your selection process.

How to buy tires online?

Today, the automotive product retail industry has diversified. This means that companies are constantly looking to update and make the distribution of the articles they offer easier, more convenient and more efficient for their customers.

However, since we do not have the articles to analyze them directly, it is necessary that you answer the questions that we have presented to you, in a specific and timely manner.

The advantage of buying in this way is that you will not have to travel, which translates into a significant saving of time and money. As well as having a wider variety of options to choose from, as these auction houses usually work directly with vendors. Also, you can buy tires online at amazing prices and take advantage of amazing seasonal offers at the same time.

If you live in Quebec and are about to change your vehicle’s tires, pay attention to these four tips we have for you at Liqui Pneus . Are you ready ? Let’s start!

1. Identify and select the type of tire you need

Before choosing a particular type of tire, you should know that there are several categories. According to local government regulations, in Quebec, it is recommended to change tires at least once a year , due to the onset of winter.

To know the details of each type of tire , pay attention to the following:

Summer tires

Although their name highlights a particular season, the reality is that summer tires are suitable for all seasons with dry or moderately wet weather. They are not recommended for winter use, as they do not have enough traction to perform well on difficult surfaces such as those covered in rain or snow.

Buy winter tires online

Let’s say this is the type of tire with the best traction among those mentioned here. It is designed to perform optimally and on time, even in adverse situations such as slippery roads or snow.

Although there are tires that seek to match the characteristics of this type of tire, such as those suitable for all four seasons, the particularities of each are different. In Quebec, the local government switches to this type of tire when the cold season begins and each year has a deadline to do so.

All season tires

Most of the latest model vehicles are fitted with tires suitable for all four seasons . This means they have an incredible ability to adapt to different scenarios, roads and weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about your personal safety and endurance.

For this category, it will also be necessary to use a division, since two main types are recognized: the standard category and the high performance category. However, it is important to mention that although they are considered suitable for all four seasons, the traction on snow is not the best.

However, more and more brands are daring to incorporate among their products, tires that have the same capabilities as, for example, a winter tire, but adaptable to other circumstances.

2. Check codes and spec sheet when buying tires online.

The next aspect to consider when choosing new tires for your vehicle is everything related to production conditions and manufacturer information.

This will allow you to get first-hand information on fundamental questions: factory details such as internal construction, tire type, diameter, index and load capacity.

All this information is contained on a sidewall of the tire . Ask your seller for photos showing this content.

3. Establish a price comparison

It is not always recommended to choose the first option. Making a price comparison can help you get better deals, benefits, and available models.

Given the accessibility of many stores specializing in tires , rims, parts and auto accessories, it is much easier to establish a price comparison. By clicking here you can take a look at all the promotions that our brands are offering for this spring season.

4. Buy new or used tires online?

The most recommended option is to buy new tyres , in order to minimize the possibility of road accidents caused by faulty tires or rims .

However, buying used tires for winter has become an increasingly common practice, as it is an accessible and lower-than-average cost option. Most of these tires and rims come from rental cars, cars that have been modified for cosmetic reasons, and only a small portion come from insurance companies.

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Now that you know all of our recommendations, it’s time to choose the perfect tires for you.

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