The best Continental tires for the winter period

Tires are an essential component for any vehicle and must be chosen carefully if safety and optimum performance on the roads are to be guaranteed. Continental is one of the leading brands in the tire market, as it has a wide range of options to suit driving conditions. So, if you want to start the winter season well in 2023, it is best to opt for a Continental tire.

Here is a list of the best Continental tires for the winter season. Each one available at Liqui Pneus, one of the companies that offer quality and safety in their products and services. Let’s get started! 

1- Continental W-Contact TS810S

The Continental W-Contact TS810S is a winter tire designed to provide excellent traction and safe driving in winter conditions. It is available in a wide range of sizes and is suitable for use on cars, vans and light trucks.

In addition, this Continental winter tire features a reinforcement layer in the tire structure to improve its durability and resistance to deformation at high speeds. It also has an optimized tread to reduce noise and improve driving comfort.

2- Continental Viking Contact 7 XL

A Continental tire that has been completely redesigned. The diamond-shaped design creates clearance lines that flow to the outside of the tire to optimize handling on snowy surfaces. If you are looking for an inexpensive and reliable winter tire for your vehicle, the Viking Contact 7 XL is an option to consider.

3- Continental VanContact 4 Season (HO)

The Continental VanContact 4 Season tire is an all-weather tire, especially for winter, with a number of high-tech features. It is one of the most fuel-efficient tires you can buy and offers superior grip on wet roads.

It also features an innovative tread compound. It also has excellent braking capabilities on wet or icy pavement, making it a winter tire brand you’ll love to use this 2023.

4- Continental LT Vanco Winter 2 

Another top-of-the-line Continental tire designed for the most demanding light-duty trucker. It boasts a host of performance features, including a sleek exterior, a surprisingly robust interior and a lively tread. 

The Continental LT VANCO Winter 2 is not one of the cheapest tires, but with its many premium features, you will feel more safety, quality and durability when driving on Canada’s worst winter roads.

5- Continental Winter Contact TS830P Runflat

If we have to talk about an excellent Continental tire, then it has to be the Winter Contact TS830P Runflat. Besides being known for its incredible braking and quiet ride, it also features an asymmetric tread design, which means it has wide circumferential grooves.

On the other hand, the wide outer shoulder blocks are designed to improve traction and hydroplaning resistance, while the three-peaked mountain snowflake symbol and high-density grooves provide more grip. These features make the Continental Winter Contact an excellent choice for sport coupes and luxury sedans.

6- Continental LT Cross Contact Winter

The Continental Cross Contact Winter tire is performance-oriented, offering more than just good looks. In addition to its impressive tread, it makes sure to deliver on the promise of better handling and improved fuel efficiency.

One of the most distinguishable features is its three continuous central ribs that maintain contact with the surface at all times. This means that a bumpy road will no longer irritate your senses. In addition, thanks to the high-tech tread compound, this Continental winter tire offers increased wear resistance.

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