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Below you’ll find a full description of our break repair services. Including, but not limited to maintenance plans, a description of what we do when working on your car or truck, a description of common issues related to a cars brakes and lastly a little insight to help educate you on the part of your car that can stop you from crashing at any given moment.

When it comes to maintaining your car or small trucks overall health, there are some mechanical parts of the vehicle that you simply cannot afford to ignore when it comes to service and maintenance. One of those parts is your vehicles brakes.

For the most part, a typical driver should have a pretty good idea about their brakes feel when they are operating properly. The feeling of stopping, whether regularly or suddenly becomes something the driver becomes acquainted with. However, when things start to feel (or sound!) a little different or unusual, this is usually a good indication that it is time to take your car in to a brake repair shop to have them looked at.

car breaking system on luxury automobile

Signs Your Vehicles Braking System Is Not Working Properly

Any odd or uncommon feelings when braking or sounds that do not seem right are all general indicators that should get you thinking about having an inspection done as soon as possible. Although feelings and sounds are not a very scientific approach to determining when it is time for brake repair & replacement services, they are great indicators to you because generally you, the driver, will know exactly how your car feels when braking properly versus the opposite.

Below are specific and common signs related to brake problems that are telltale signs that replacement is near or imminent:

  • Pushing the pedal to slow down requires extra force
  • You must press the pedal to the floorboard to initiate braking, this is not a good sign!
  • Your car pulls in one direction or the other
  • Inconsistent braking power becomes an issue
  • Your braking pedal vibrates when you engage it
  • They make grinding or squeaking noises when slowing down
  • Your dashboard warning light has come on
  • Leaking fluid appears (check garage or carport floor)

If any of these happen while your car is in operation, we encourage you to take these signs of brake failure very seriously. Driving with a faulty braking system can be extremely dangerous. The above specific and common signs of failure will help you know when it is time for you to contact Liqui Pneus for an appointment or bring in your vehicle for an emergency service diagnostic.

General Guidelines to look out for

You don’t have to wait until one of the signs of wear and tear appear. As a responsible car owner, you should always be proactive about the maintenance of your car.

Depending on the year/make/model of your car, factors like climate and your driving habits, your brakes should be good for up to roughly 80,000 km’s. That doesn’t mean though that you should wait that long to have them inspected. A good idea is to read and review your vehicle owner’s manual and follow inspection guidelines and recommendations as set out by the vehicle manufacturer. As a general guideline, and to be on the safe side Liqui Pneus recommends that you have your vehicles braking system inspected about every 10,000 km’s.

Get to know your brakes!

As part of being a responsible brake repair shop, Liqui Pneus likes to add a little value for our customers wherever we can. By teaching you a little about how your braking systems actually operate, we think you’ll feel safer on the road. This is not a detailed education seminar on brake repair but information on auto & small truck breaking systems that should serve to inform our customers like you about how they work and what items might need to be repaired or replaced when the time comes.

There are two general types of braking systems: disc brakes and drum brakes. Let’s take a closer look at both.

brake disc repair service
brake drum repair
disc pad repair

Services offered

At Liqui Pneus, we provide a full range of breaking system related services at prices that are both competitive and affordable.

The list of services we provide include:

  • Overall inspection: this service is free if changing your tires with Liqui Pneus
  • Cleaning service: recommended once every 18 months for all 4 wheels – $270.00
  • Fluid service: checking and changing of the fluid when necessary
  • Rotar service & verification: smooth and even out your brakes pads, replace rotors when needed
  • Inspect, test, and repair ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) 
  • General repair: if any braking components are not working properly, or found to be faulty we’ll let you know they need replacement (this includes break disc repair and brake pad repair)
  • Drum tuning for drum braking systems
  • Checking for brake line leaks
  • Inspect braking light system(s)

For the best brake service in Laval or the Greater Montreal area give Liqui Pneus a call for an appointment today. In case of an emergency, you are more than welcome to drive your vehicle right in to our repair shop anytime!

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