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Summer Tires & Performance Tires

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Summer Tires

It is interesting that many car owners only think about their summer tires when they notice issues and then decide it’s time to buy new ones. The reality is that these tires play a very important role in how a car performs and handles on the road. Good summer tires help keep drivers safe while driving.

Are you aware of the importance of your the tires you choose for your vehicle? Worn-out or inadequate tires can cost you money and put your well-being at risk. One of the things you should consider is how a tire can affect your car’s driving performance.

The 3 general Categories

• Summer Tires
• Winter Tires
• All Season Tires

Within each category, you will find tires that range from economy or “cheap tires” to ultra-high-performance summer tires. These three categories make up a simple yet viable rating system that you can use to help you when selecting the best tire to use for the driving season ahead.

A General Comparison of Tire Types

When comparing types of tires, the most important things you need to look at are a tire’s tread configuration and the rubber compound of the tire. It’s these two elements of a tires construction that determine how well your tires perform on the road.

Summer tires – best option for Spring and Summer driving conditions

For most people across the Greater Montreal area, April to October are the specific months where driving with summer tires on your car make the most sense in terms of their ability to properly grip the road. To better understand why, let’s look closer at how summer tires improve your car’s performance while helping you stay safe on the road.

The tires design – Tread, grooves and rubber compound

Tires made for warmer driving conditions will often have a wide channel cut down the centre of the tire for added balance and control. Parallel grooves are cut across the tire, improving the tires ability to grip the road and resist hydroplaning in wet conditions. The tread depth is shallow, which will maximize your car’s handling on the road.

The rubber compound used in the manufacturing process of a tire is a harder than the rubber used in a winter tire and is often designed to be a lot “stickier” then is its winter tire counterpart. This provides the wheel with extra grip strength in warmer and wetter conditions which is important when braking or trying to navigate sharp turns.

Overall, the tread configuration and gripping capabilities of a your tires increase your car’s handling performance and provide cost savings from decreased gas consumption per liter of gas due to the way the tire is designed for warmer driving.

All-Season’s – Not the best option for summer roads

Many Quebec drivers still stand by all-season tires. After all, their name says it all…they are good to use in all seasons.

All-season tires are generally adequate for the summer and winter. However, they have issues related to performance in both warmer and colder driving conditions. They are a classic case of a consumer product being built and sold on the premise that it will be the “Jack of all trades” but ultimately being “the master of none.” In short, all-season tires are manufactured to do a lot, which they do, but ultimately for serious Quebec driving conditions, they do not do as well as the dedicated summer and winter counterparts.

A way to help you gauge what to expect from an all-season (aka all-weather tire) is based on the following: the traction of a tire made for summer driving will be far better than the traction offered by an all-season tire. An all-season tire trades of some traction in exchange of a longer lifespan build. They are tougher overall.

The only real advantage to all-seasons is that they offer more durability over time. This, however, is of little value to some because the all-season tire has more rolling resistance in warmer weather and hence costs more at the pump.

Summer Tire

Note that the tread pattern is asymmetrical and that the grooves are shallow.

Summer Tire

Performance Tire

The tread pattern on a performance tire is asymmetrical and the grooves are extremely shallow.

Performance Tire

All-season Tread Example

Tread on an all-season tire is symmetrical and that the grooves are deeper.

Performance Tire

Winter Tire

The grooves are noticeably deeper and the tire contains more natural rubber so it stays harder in colder conditions. Additionally, studs can be used to offer driving control.

Performance Tire

Winter Tires in summer? – only when it is your last option

It goes without saying that winter tires perform best in colder weather conditions, namely the dead of winter when ice is a frequent visitor to the bottom of your wheel.

Performance tires – Strictly For Summer Driving Enthusiasts

If you are sold on the benefits of tires made specifically for the summer, then you will want to shift your primary consideration to cost. To be clear, there are significant differences between “cheap summer tires” versus performance tires in terms of price, road handling, and tire longevity.

Driving with cheap tires essentially means cost savings at the expense of handling and performance. For many, this is an excellent trade off. For many drivers, that value maximum control over the road throughout the summer, this is not an appealing value proposition.

Want the best feel on the road with maximum handling and braking capabilities at all times? Then high-performance tires would are the right option for you.

Of course expect that you will be looking at the top end of the price range for any and all tires across all categories of tires. Said another way, if you like to put the “pedal to the metal” and want to feel safe while doing so, it’s worth the extra money to buy a set of performance tires that will always be able to provide you with the ultimate handling on the road.

Brands with history of being the “best”

Some of the best name brands for summer tires historically include Bridgestone, Toyo, Pirelli, Continental, Goodyear, and Michelin tires. Under the Michelin brand, you might want to consider the MICHELIN Latitude Sport 3 for SUVs, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport PS2 (Ultra-High Performance), and the MICHELIN Energy Saver for luxury vehicles,

“Best” Summer Tires available Online or in-store

Next, consider buying summer tires online. This is a great way to save time and is the preferred method of the smart modern shopper! Once you have decided on your model, budget and general need call us or simply make your purchase on our online store. Buying summer tires online is easy! You’ll get the advantage of being able to compare brands, models and prices quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Liqui Pneus delivers right to your door! We can even drop them off at an auto shop of your choosing to have them do the installation.

The days of sitting in traffic to drive to a tire dealer are over. So too are the days when you will need to bargain hunt from one retailer to another. At, we are sure to satisfy the everyday drivers needs for economically priced summer tires and the car enthusiasts performance and handling needs, GUARANTEED!

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