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Free Delivery within Greater Montreal Available. Click for details

Tire Financing in Laval, Quebec

At Liqui Pneus, we understand that investing in quality tires is essential for your vehicle’s safety and performance. That’s why we partnered with Sezzle, a convenient tire financing option that empowers you to get the tires you need today and pay later while staying within your budget.

Seamless Tire Financing with Sezzle

Buy Now, Pay Later

Sezzle offers a “Buy Now, Pay Later” approach to tire financing. When you shop with us, you can choose Sezzle at checkout and enjoy the flexibility of spreading your payments over time. It’s a smart way to prioritize your vehicle’s needs without straining your finances.

Flexible Payment Plans

We understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique. Sezzle allows you to create a payment plan that suits your budget. With Sezzle, your payments are divided into four equal parts:

25% Today: Get the tires you need with just a quarter of the total cost paid upfront.

25% Week 2: Your second payment is due in the second week, giving you some breathing room.

25% Week 4: By the fourth week, you’ll make your third payment, making the investment manageable.

25% Week 6: Your final payment is due in the sixth week, completing the payment cycle.

No Credit Check Required

Worried about your credit history? With Sezzle, there’s no need to stress. We believe everyone deserves reliable transportation, and that’s why Sezzle doesn’t require a credit check for approval.

Instant Credit Decision

Sezzle provides an instant credit decision, giving you peace of mind and the convenience of knowing your financing options right away. You won’t have to wait or worry about lengthy approval processes.

Embrace Convenient Tire Financing

Your Budget-Friendly Solution

Liqui Pneus and Sezzle have teamed up to provide you with a tire financing solution that respects your budget. By choosing Sezzle, you’re taking control of your expenses while ensuring your vehicle’s safety and performance.

How It Works

Simple Steps

Select Sezzle: When you’re ready to make your tire purchase, simply choose Sezzle as your payment option at checkout.

Create Your Plan: Customize your payment plan by dividing the total cost into four equal payments spread over six weeks.

Enjoy Your Tires: Once your purchase is complete, you can enjoy your new tires while comfortably managing your payments.

Start Today

Experience hassle-free tire financing with Sezzle at Liqui Pneus. Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to reliable tires that keep you safe on the road.

Budgeting for Safety

When it comes to your vehicle’s safety and performance, compromise is not an option. Sezzle empowers you to make the right choice for your vehicle without compromising your financial stability.

Tire financing with Sezzle at Liqui Pneus is all about putting you in control. Experience the flexibility of spreading your payments, choosing your vehicle, and prioritizing your budget. With Sezzle, you can enjoy new tires without the worry of credit checks or financial strain. Your journey towards safe and reliable tires starts here.

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