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Free Delivery within Greater Montreal Available. Click for details

Tire Protection Plan


  1. What is the tire protection warranty? Liqui Pneus offers additional protection for road hazards. This guarantee is offered when you add tires to your cart and view your order summary.
  2. What damage is covered? So-called “Road Hazard” damage refers to any damage rendering the tire unusable, occurring during normal road conditions. This includes punctures or impacts caused by objects such as nails, broken glass or potholes.
  3. Warranty duration and coverage This warranty lasts for 2 years or until the first 3/32 of wear, whichever is reached first. The price of the warranty varies depending on the size and profile of the tires. It covers tire repairs up to $25. In the event of a repair carried out elsewhere than at Liqui Pneus, an invoice will be required as proof. The warranty covers up to a maximum of 2 tire replacements or 4 tire repairs during the warranty period. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase of the tires.
  4. Replacement conditions If tires are replaced for a non-repairable defect, only the tires are covered, not the installation and balancing. You will be charged a new tire and then refunded when we have the defective tire in our possession, the tire must be exactly the same as on the original purchase invoice for you to be refunded. If the covered tire is an original studded tire, the tire will be replaced with a studded tire. In the event that the tire is not original studded, a studding reimbursement will be made up to a maximum of $15 per tire. If the tire replacement is done at Liqui Pneus, the entire warranty process will be done in branch by our team and the customer will simply have to call us to notify us of the tire defect.
  5. Claims processTo benefit from the warranty, you must send a warranty request by email, if you need assistance you can call us to assist you with the procedure (450-256-1685), including your personal information, the purchase invoice number from Liqui Tires and photos of the damaged tire including a photo of the problem or defect, tread, brand and size of the tire, as well as a photo from the DOT indicating the tire manufacturing date.
  6. Exclusions from coverage Warranty does not apply

To emergency vehicles

– To commercial vehicles

To vehicles that have suffered damage outside of Canada

– Vehicles used for racing or any other motor sport – Vehicles fitted with oversized or undersized tires by more than 3% compared to the size of the original tires that the manufacturer installed at the factory

– Tires over 5 years old, from their production date mentioned on the tire.

–If the tires are installed on a vehicle other than the original one mentioned on the original purchase invoice

– Any cosmetic damage that does not affect the safety and/or structure of the tire.

– On tires installed on a vehicle with a lowered or raised suspension that is not original

– Any damage caused by a factor other than road hazard, such as vandalism and/or fire

– No reimbursement will be made for lost profits and/or time caused by a vehicle rendered inoperable following damage and/or claim.

– For tires that have suffered damage due to dangerous and/or criminal driving, for example: drunk driving

– Damage, injury or death caused by the operation of the vehicle, to him or others, whether or not related to the damaged tire.

No additional charges, such as installation, nailing labor, loss of use, delivery or towing, will be refunded. The reimbursement will never exceed the cost of the tire indicated on the original invoice.

  1. Tire replacement If the eligible tire is damaged but cannot be repaired, a replacement will be made with the same model or its equivalent, in the event of unavailability. The application of the warranty is always faster and more efficient when you come to repair or change your tire at Liqui Pneus because we do it for you.
  2. Disclaimer

Liqui Pneus disclaims all liability for accidents, incidents, injuries, deaths and other such problems that may arise due to tires purchased from the company. Liqui Pneus also disclaims all responsibility for installation, good or bad, of affiliated garages or any other garages or tire installers and cannot be held responsible for any problems (accidents, incidents, injuries, death, mutilation, etc.). ) that may occur, serious or minor, due to the installation of tires, whether on equipment, objects or natural and/or legal persons. Liqui Pneus will only be responsible for installations carried out in its branch with its employees and equipment only.