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When to change winter tires in Quebec?

It’s time to change your winter tires in Quebec! The change in the clock in March is indicative of two things: first, the change to daylight saving time has become official and second, spring has finally sprung.

The arrival of spring in Quebec represents the passage from the cold snow to the warmth of the sun in a relatively short period of time. Many people move to the fields to see the season in bloom, others more intrepid venture out for spring skiing or simply decide to tour the province in search of the region’s characteristic flavors and aromas.

However, at the same time that everything in the province changes, the change of season modifies the climatic conditions and makes them favorable. Consequently, many of the recommendations provided by the local government which aim at preserving the safety of its inhabitants, begin to vary according to the above mentioned.

Before the arrival of winter and in view of the deterioration of weather conditions, there is a lot of advice related to home heating, food preservation and road issues. In this last section, one of the best ways to prepare your vehicle is precisely the adaptation of four-season or summer tires and wheels to winter tires.

In order to find out when you should change your winter tires in Quebec for regular use, continue reading this article.

Why should I change my tires in winter in Quebec 2022?
As you can read on the official website of the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, winter tires are designed to offer greater flexibility to motorists. Why?

Unlike regular tires, whose traction capacity is reduced as temperatures drop, winter tires are able to offer traction safety even in temperatures as low as -40°.

This capacity may also be limited when the tread depth is less than the local requirements. This should not be related to visual issues, as failure to meet these guidelines could affect the integrity of your vehicle‘s capabilities and become a danger to you, other motorists and pedestrians.

For this same reason, although the useful life of tires is estimated to be up to ten years, you should remember that after five years, it could be classified as a component of poor quality, depending on its natural wear and tear.

Deadline for winter tires in Quebec

There are certain estimates to determine the ideal time to switch from winter tires to summer tires, but it is true that it is somewhat more flexible than the other way around. When it comes to adapting the car for the arrival of winter, there is a deadline to do so and not incur in violations of the regulations.

In Quebec, this deadline generally falls on December 1 of each year and ends in the first half of March. Before the end of this period, you need to keep to the letter all the recommendations of the locality.

What other aspects do you need to consider?

To be able to adapt your car according to the season of the year you are in, the first thing you must clearly see is that it is not a change you are making for aesthetics. These details that seek to preserve everyone’s safety must be permanently in place.

The Quebec Winter Tire Law allows motorists to make use of other types of resources for the winter period. We are talking about the variants of winter tires, known as studded tires and tires with chains.

Studded tires
Studded tires are a special, customized design that allows the driver to maintain the vehicle’s traction capability, even on difficult surfaces such as snow.

Studded tires allow an increase in terms of grip, but for this to be truly effective in terms of road safety, it is clear that it must work in conjunction with vehicle control. That is to say, the most important part of it will depend on the driver’s skill and expertise.

However, it is worth clarifying that not all vehicles are capable of using this resource. According to the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, only certain vehicles can fall into this category.

They may use studded tires:

  • Passenger transport vehicles
  • Taxicabs
  • Commercial vehicles (no more than 3,000 kg)

Tires with chains

On the other hand, tires with chains must also be used within the period stipulated by the regulatory bodies. Although their use is not as widespread, some still prefer this option because of its effectiveness and low cost.

Tires with chains are used to improve tire friction. The chain sinks into the icy road and somehow creates an anchoring mechanism that allows you to maintain control of the vehicle even on snow.

Vehicles that are considered appropriate to use this type of mechanism are:

  • Emergency transport
  • Agricultural transport
  • Vehicles suitable for winter maintenance

When can winter tires be removed in Quebec?

The period of use of both winter tires or their variations, is regulatory. This means that there is no way to simply ignore it and forget about the whole thing.

Tire care must be present every day of the year, but during this particular period, it can help prevent mishaps on the road caused by snow or snowmelt.

When should I change my winter tires in Quebec 2022? This will depend on the voracity of each winter. Although the arrival of winter is considered to occur every first of December, it can extend into the spring months. Therefore, the end date is somewhat more flexible.

As the rise in temperatures occurs gradually, road and trail conditions may not improve at all. Thus, the period of validity of the winter recommendations may be extended until May. That is, in the months prior to the beginning of summer.

What happens if I do not comply with the Quebec winter tire law?

If you are not in line with the above, your behavior will be considered as non-compliance with the indications imposed by the authorities. Failure to change your tires before the arrival of winter may result in an initial fine of $60, which may increase depending on the severity of your situation. In addition, two demerit points will be applied to your record.

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By following the advice stipulated in the Quebec Highway Safety Code, you will be able to preserve your safety, that of your family and that of other citizens.

To do so, now that winter is over, it is time to purchase summer tires that will allow you to enjoy the season’s activities in the best possible way with your family and friends.

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