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Are you looking for a good quality, safe, environmentally friendly tire at a low price?

Techno Pneus remoulded tires are an excellent choice that will meet all your criteria!

Techno Pneu is a Quebec company based out of Rimouski that started operations in 1957

Each Techno tire comes with a full warranty including a road risk warranty.

Perfectly safe and surpass the durability of the original tires, at a lower cost.

Techno tires are approved by the Canadian and United States Department of Transportation (DOT).

Did you know that ?

New York City taxis run on Techno tires!
The manufacture of a Techno tire uses 62% less oil to produce than a first generation tire!
In Europe, more than 40% of motorists use remoulded tires!

Take off tires

What is a "Take Off" or "Change Over" tire?

A “Take Off” or “Change Over” tire is a tire removed from new vehicles, so the tire has only been driven between 0 and 50 km. The advantage of a “Take Off” tire is that you get a new, good quality, year-round tire for a lot less than a real new tire. In addition to saving money, you are helping the environment by avoiding waste or so to speak by preventing those tires from getting thrown away, isn’t that good news ?! Here is another advantage of the “Take Off” tire… You do not pay the environmental costs typical with the purchase of a new set of tires.
that is a savings of three dollars charged to you for each new tire you buy!


$ 15 discount, at any time, on the installation of 4 tires on hybrids or electric vehicles (Valid at Liqui Pneus only)

With the purchase of four tires

Free delivery across Quebec!

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