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Road Hazard warranty for all Techno products


Are you looking for a tire of good quality, safe, ecological but at a low price ?!

Techno Pneus remoulded tires are an excellent choice that will meet all your criteria!

Our experience with tires

Techno Pneu is a Quebec company created in Rimouski in 1957. This company has become one of the pillars of the remoulded tire industry over the years. Using state-of-the-art Italian technology such as robotics and laser to be able to remould to perfection, the company is able to guarantee an undeniable quality of their tires. Each Techno tire comes with a full warranty including a road risk warranty.

In the manufacturing process of Techno remoulded tires there are several stages of inspection, both human and electronic. Already applied to the remoulding of airliner tires, the advanced technology used in Techno tires is comparable to that used in the manufacture of first generation tires (Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, etc.) Techno tires are of the first generation. quality and use the same gum as Goodyear tires. They are therefore perfectly safe and exceed the durability of the original tires, at a lower cost.

Techno tires are approved by the Canadian and United States Department of Transportation (DOT).

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Did you know that ?

Many New York taxis are equipped with Techno Pneu tires!


The manufacture of a Techno tire uses 62% less oil to produce than a first generation tire!

In Europe, more than 40% of motorists use remoulded tires!

Finally, given our purchasing volume, we are able to offer you these products at excellent prices!
This is why Liqui Pneus is Green and cheaper!
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